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Cross Border Legal Services

We provide reliable and realistic solutions to cross border legal matters relating to wills and probate, commercial activities, family and dispute resolution.

Land Dispute

Because of its scarcity and value, one’s rights over land must be respected, upheld and protected.

Real Estate

Each piece of landed property – whether it is a piece of land or a flat – has its own unique characteristic and history.


Doing business involves making decisions and taking risks. A decision badly made, or a risk inadvertently under-estimated, can lead to serious adverse consequences.

Civil Litigation / Dispute Resolution

We come across different people in our daily encounters – neighbours next to where we live, colleagues or business partners working with us and even strangers when we walk on the street. There are, inevitably, occasions when our civil rights are violated by those around us, causing us damage or loss.

Employees’ Compensation Claims / Personal Injuries Action

Injury is definitely an unpleasant experience but it may not be just bad luck. Someone may be responsible for your injuries because of his/her negligence. Whether the injury is suffered in the course of work, traffic accident or medical negligence case, you may have the right to claim from the wrongdoer, or even from other third parties as well.

Wills, Probate & Succession

Unlike the old days, making a Will is now considered as part of the estate planning exercise, rather than something to be avoided. A Will can, if drafted properly, sustain the blessings to the surviving generation.

Criminal Litigation

Investigation by law enforcement agencies, if not handled appropriately, can lead to serious consequences. We react quickly to client’s instructions for representation in investigations and arrests, provide on-the-spot legal advice, and deal with the law enforcement agencies.

Civil Celebrant of Marriages

Getting married is one of the most important life events that require meticulous planning and preparations.