Doing business involves making decisions and taking risks. A decision badly made, or a risk inadvertently under-estimated, can lead to serious adverse consequences.


A property holding company may not involve daily business operations, but there are concerns that need to be addressed and considered, whether in the course of acquisition, operation or disposal.

With proper consideration, negotiation and documentation, business decisions can be made more wisely, and a lot of business risks can be identified, shifted, reduced or even eliminated.

We provide you with practical advice on issues that you may face in the management of your business operations, client relationships and dispute resolution. We are experienced in preparing business contracts, terms and conditions, and any legal documentation which you will need for your business.


Our company secretarial service company is a “Trust or Company Service Provider” (TCSP) Licensee, and we hope to provide comprehensive, legal and reliable solutions to all aspects of company operations.

Worrying about commercial law issues? Let our professional team support you.