Land Disputes

Land is not only limited to bare sites, it extends to structures and buildings erected on the ground.


Along with the rapid development of society, rights over land have evolved in various forms: it can be long term ownership or short term tenancy/licence, it can be evidenced by documents or not necessary to be documented at all.

Because of its scarcity and value, one’s rights over land must be respected, upheld and protected.


Under the circumstances, conflicts and disputes over land are inevitable and they can come in various forms:-

Adverse Possession

Illegal Occupation by unknown persons

Landlord and Tenant dispute

Easement and Right of Way dispute

Planning Control Enforcement by Government Departments

Recovery of Land and Property

Management Disputes in T’so, T’ong, Clan or Family

Building Management / Incorporated Owners Disputes

Whether you are the registered owner, occupier, or having an interest in land in other capacity, we can help you to clarify and enforce your rights if needed.

Discuss with us to better understand your rights.