China Appointed Attesting and Cross Border Legal Services

As commercial and civil exchanges between Mainland China and Hong Kong have grown more and more frequent, our Firm understands clients’ increasing demands for a wide range of cross-border legal services on investment, business, family, property management and estate administration. Adhering to our mission to provide all rounded legal services for our clients, our Managing Partner Ms. Careen Wong has acquired the relevant qualification and been appointed as a China-Appointed Attesting Officer.

China-Appointed Attesting Officers ‘s scope of duty consists mainly of attesting and certifying acts, matters and documents of legal significance occurring in or emanating from Hong Kong and such attested documents are for use in Mainland China. This should effectively assist clients in dealing with Mainland-related legal matters, such as company registration, cross-border investment, property transactions, marriage, estate succession, litigation and arbitration.

Instances of the attested documents include: –

  • Marriage related attested declaration;
  • Succession (or renunciation) related declaration;
  • No conviction declaration;
  • Same person Identity declaration;
  • Marriage and family status declaration;
  • Hong Kong birth certificate certification;
  • Company particulars certification;
  • Company director/shareholder resolution certification; and
  • Company/Individual authorization attestation

Apart from China-Appointed Attesting Services, to meet the various needs of our clients on cross-border investment, transaction, financing, business development, dispute resolution, marriage, succession and litigation, our Firm is also able to offer the tailor-made pragmatic legal solutions in accommodation to the uniqueness of each case.

Worrying about cross-border legal issues? Let our professional team support you.