Real Estate


Each piece of landed property – whether it is a piece of land or a flat – has its own unique characteristic and history. Sometimes, this may sometimes cause difficulties for the parties involved in the transactions.

Whether commonly heard, or personally experienced, you may have come across with:

  • Unauthorized Building Works / Illegal Structures

  • Unclear Delineation of Common Areas

  • Easement and Right of Way dispute

  • User Restriction and Town Planning Control

  • Lost, missing or improperly executed title deeds

  • Onerous terms in Deed of Mutual Covenants

  • Lands held by T’so, T’ong, Clan or Family

  • Establishment of Incorporated Owners in village houses

  • Creation of Deed of Mutual Agreement in village houses

  • Stamp Duty Assessment

In particular, land in the New Territories is a highly specialized area due to a different land administration system in the past. The implementation of the “Small House Policy” has been a problematic area of law and may pose various risks to potential owners.


No matter it is your dream house for the first time ever, or yet another landed property in your investment portfolio, from the very moment of negotiation, there are already many issues which require careful analysis and quick decision-making.


We transcend mere transaction formalities and offer integrated and holistic real estate advice to clients.

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